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ays. He used to care for mentally ill children in Malaysia and Singapore."We welcome the elderly, who can share their stories and experience. They are also needed for▓ a child's growth."The foundation has opened 26 ward classes in and outside hospitals in 13 province

s. More than 5,000 children have attende▓d them. However, they have just 17 full-time or part-time teachers like Liu Weixiong.The pupils al▓so include children with cancer and kidney diseases,▓ who need long-term treatment.Liu Zhengchen plans to expand the faculty and provide more courses for different school ages."I hope we can help more children with serious illnesses maintain their learning an

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d social ad▓aptability, so they can return to normal life as soon as possible."Please scan the QR Code to f▓ollow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to

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f▓ollow us on WechatChildren in Yemen face ac▓ute humanitarian needs: UNICEFChildr▓en in Yemen face acute humanitarian needs: UNICEFChi

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